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Powerful Method for Promoting Perfect Health

“Raju Banana Purification”

is a powerful therapy that cleanses the entire physiology and restores gynaecological health.

It is ideally taken by women whilst on their menstrual cycle, but is also effective for women who will not be menstruating at the time of visits, to balance hormones, enhance fertility and to profoundly purify and detoxify the physiology.

What is Raju Banana Purification

Banana Purification is mostly done during a woman's menstrual cycle.
Ayurveda views the menstrual cycle as a deep detox and profound purification that a woman is blessed to have once a month.
This unique treatment that is exclusively performed by the Raju Family immensely enhances this purification process



Banana Purification deeply cleanses the entire body, particularly the female reproductive system.Even if the problems are deeply rooted, significant relief can be achieved from this 3-5 day program. The program also helps to balance the hormonal system so emotions become more even and smooth.


Banana Purification Involves

  • Taking herbs specially prepared with bananas during each day of the menstrual flow or duration of the therapy.

  • Adhering to a specific and simple diet.

  • Taking plenty of rest so that the body can devote all it's energy to clearing and healing. The treatment draws out toxins from all over the body into the menstrual blood through which they are expelled. Still profound detoxification happens for those not bleeding during this program.

A single banana purification done properly during menstruation has benefits, depending on the person, equal to two or more 23-day intensive Panchakarmas.

Duration of Banana Purification Program

  • Menstruating women do the Banana Purification for the duration of their menstrual cycle.

  • Women not on their cycle generally do 3 consecutive days. 5 consecutive days can also be done in Sydney.

  • Allow approx. 30-60 mins for each session.

This highly unique program is exclusively offered by the Raju family.

Thousands of women travel from all over the world to the Raju clinic in India specifically for the Banana Purification.

So traveling interstate or taking the time off for this treatment is highly recommended to take advantage of this opportunity.

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